Separators for oils and oilseeds

AQUA Oil oil separators are used to separate groundwater from light liquids in the form of oil and fuel, especially near:

• Gas stations.

• Larger garages.

• Truck parking.

• Workshops for mechanical and vulcanizers and car washes.

• As in catering establishments where legal grease separators are separated, the grease must be treated before the rainwater is discharged into the sewer network to such a degree that the wastewater contains up to * 5 mg / l before discharge


Separators work by weight principle. Oil, gasoline, gasoline, lubricants, fuel oil and other lightweight liquids have a less specific weight than water used by their oil separators and fats in their operating mode, which reduces the flow and velocity of drainage of atmospheric water, and parts of light liquids are excreted. and rises to the surface. The purified water is thus drained safely through the openings in the drainage system and protects the groundwater from potential contamination.

Advantages of aquaile oil and oil separator:

• Made in accordance with EN 858.

• Tested with the latest testing methods.

• Light weight - easy transport and installation.

• Long life span (up to 50 years).

• Polyethylene product, especially suitable for recycling - environmentally friendly.

• Easy maintenance and service.

• Production in the EU.

SELECTION OF OIL SEPARATOR CATEGORY WITH RESPONSIBLE INSTALLATION CONDITION: The term precipitator refers to the part of the separator where the material is deposited. The table below shows the volume of the sludge, depending on the installation location (table taken from SISTEN 858-1). Choosing the right category of oil separator makes the designer.