Wastewater treatment plants (faecal) wastewater

When purchasing a treatment station, look for PERFECTION!

Looking for a permanent, durable and reliable solution for wastewater from households?

That's the AQUAmax® treatment plant that we developed in cooperation with a leading German company in the field of biological water purifiers - ATB Germany

Small water treatment plants for faecal wastewater AQUAmax® are suitable for all households and buildings (houses, apartment buildings, commercial, agricultural and industrial plants, hotel and sports complexes,

The AQUAmax® water treatment plant, which consists of two chambers: sedimentary and reactor ie works on the basis of wastewater treatment using aeration. This working principle is suitable for all households where in one day in an efficient and environmentally friendly way it can be cleaned up to 15 liters / person - waste water without the addition of any chemical or biological preparations. The purified water is so pure that it can be released into any receptor, which means it meets all the legal norms in this section.

5+ for AQUAmax®

+ Significant savings due to cheaper transportation, installation, maintenance, drainage and consumption of electricity - up to 1000 euros savings in the first three years after the purchase of cleaning equipment;

+ Secure work - quiet and fully automated - no extra drainage parts, valving adjustments or the addition of biological and chemical products - its effectiveness can be an opportunity also control over your mobile phone;

+ Proven solutions - excellent cleaning technology German trusted 60,000 satisfied customers from around the world, 35 years of company tradition Zagožen l.l.c. in the field of water and drainage products, an authorized service center is a guarantee that the installation, connection and regular maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant has long-term care AQUAmax® reliable and responsive Slovenian experts;

+ Also works in your absence - at night and when you are at work or on vacation AQUAmax® cleaning the device automatically switches to power saving mode and increased flow automatically returns to normal operation;

+ Guaranteed quality and safety of your purchase - 2 years warranty on all technical parts, all required international certificates and CE certificate quality mark ISO 9001.

Request Excellence! Choose AQUAmax®.